The Mud Princess!

The Mud Princess is the story of Georgia, a girl who defies the looks and ideals of her princess peers. When the other princess are captured by a dragon, Georgia must decide if she should help those who shunned, and mocked her.


"The illustrations were loved by my grandchildren and the story line prompted Q&A period after reading the book. Hope to see more from this dream team. 5 Stars x 2!" 
- Gary McCabe on Amazon

"Our kids - 3 and 1 - love this story! We especially love that it's not your average princess story - mud and dragons make it unique and exciting! We've read it again and again!"
-Tracy Swinburn on Amazon

"We are so are excited for Jordan Scavone's new book! We loved his first book, Might-E so we thrilled when we our copy of "The Mud Princess" arrived in the mail. My 3 and 5 year olds loved this story about a brave princess who saves the day. I like that this book depicts a brave little girl who isn't afraid to get muddy and be herself, despite teasing from the other princesses and that she wins everyone over with her bravery, not her looks. We also loved the illustrations. Super cute! My 3 year old begged to sleep with the book!"
- Elizabeth Levin