What is Night Warrior?

"When a bolt of lightning strikes seventeen-year-old Viranda’s home during a severe thunderstorm, she awakens, dazed, to find a strange blood-covered man sitting calmly on her bed. This man claims to be Cillian Balor, The Night Warrior, the same character Viranda herself had created in her novel. Cillian believes Viranda to be the Goddess of Fate from his home world of Lingard. However, Viranda claims there is no Goddess of Fate in Lingard; she should know, she did create it after all. 

When other characters from her book begin to appear in her world, Viranda fears what would happen if the likes of Finn Razorclaw, a deadly werewolf and the arch rival of Cillian, or the feared witches of The Black Cat Clan arrived as well. With the help of her best friend Bee, and a protection gnome named Mo, Viranda and Cillian must discover the secret to Cillian’s existence and prevent catastrophic damage by powerful supernatural beings."

Night Warrior is a very different text than what my readers may be used to. High action, high energy, fantasy combat and stories from a brand new world. Writing a young adult novel is something I've always wanted to complete but after dozens of attempts I was starting to think it wouldn't happen. Finally, I found this story in my brain and it started take form first as an audio drama. There is actually a two part portion of this story as an audio show (though it is quite different than this final project!) After the audio drama story wasn't coming together the way I wanted, I actually turned the world of Lingard into a homebrew universe for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Many elements from this campaign, including characters, locations, and ideas, actually ended up creating the history and lore of the world of Lingard. 
Clocking in at close to 400 pages this is a book that I hope can turn a whole new group of readers onto my work. Built as a young adult novel, I am so excited (and amazingly anxious) to bring this book to you and hope that it connects with readers in the same way it has so far with the few beta-readers who have check it out as it was being written.

Kickstarter Backers!

This book was truly made possible by my awesome Kickstarter backers who together raised $1,360 to help my fine tune and make this book as good as I possibly could. Because of them I was able to create that awesome cover that features hand drawn art as well as photography with a local model. Also, each chapter will have an illustrated chapter header (24 of them!) and helped me get a table for Motor City Comic Con, which will probably be the books convention debut! 

This thank you list is for them.

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