What do you do when you start preschool? You play! You learn! But sit in the corner and refuse to speak to anyone?… Unfortunately if you’re as shy and nervous as Emma, this is what you do. Or, you can stand up, put your mask on, and firmly place your hands on your hips and stand proud. Stand and be Might-E!



"A pure delight from cover to cover! A terrific adventure with a great message." 

- Johnathan Rand, Author of American/Michigan Chillers

"An excellent read that doesn't get old after a few dozen readings--which is really important. The writing is very fun and heartfelt, and the illustrations are beyond cute."

- Cori McCarthy, Author of Breaking Sky and You Were Here

"Might-E is an excellent children's book from Jordan. This was particularly of interest to me, as I was quite shy and nervous as a child. As a new father, I'm hoping my daughter Holiday will take some lessons from Emma."

- Alan Longstreet, News Personality

"Might-E! by Jordan J. Scavone and Caitlyn Knepka is super relatable and mighty sweet. The hero of the story, Emma, has a kryptonite that many readers (including this one) can identify with: social anxiety. Good thing her dad is a super sidekick and comes up with a clever solution. This is a story that will inspire the hero in everyone!"

- Ben Clanton, Author/Illustrator of Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

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Illustrations by Caitlyn Knepka! Click the Silent K Design Logo for her website!