What do you do when you start preschool? You play! You learn! But sit in the corner and refuse to speak to anyone?… Unfortunately if you’re as shy and nervous as Emma, this is what you do. Or, you can stand up, put your mask on, and firmly place your hands on your hips and stand proud. Stand and be Might-E!
Illustrated by Caitlyn Knepka!



"A pure delight from cover to cover! A terrific adventure with a great message." 

- Johnathan Rand, Author of American/Michigan Chillers

"An excellent read that doesn't get old after a few dozen readings--which is really important. The writing is very fun and heartfelt, and the illustrations are beyond cute."

- Cori McCarthy, Author of Breaking Sky and You Were Here

"Might-E is an excellent children's book from Jordan. This was particularly of interest to me, as I was quite shy and nervous as a child. As a new father, I'm hoping my daughter Holiday will take some lessons from Emma."

- Alan Longstreet, News Personality

"Might-E! by Jordan J. Scavone and Caitlyn Knepka is super relatable and mighty sweet. The hero of the story, Emma, has a kryptonite that many readers (including this one) can identify with: social anxiety. Good thing her dad is a super sidekick and comes up with a clever solution. This is a story that will inspire the hero in everyone!"

- Ben Clanton, Author/Illustrator of Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea

The Mud Princess!

Georgia is a mud covered princess who seems to be content with her mud pies and leaf wreaths, but when all the other princess laugh Georgia out of a birthday party she must decide if she wants to help them after The Princess Eating Dragon captures them!
Illustrated by Monica Guignard!


" Our kids - 3 and 1 - love this story! We especially love that it's not your average princess story - mud and dragons make it unique and exciting! We've read it again and again! " 

- Tracy  - Mother of two

"My 3 and 5 year olds loved this story about a brave princess who saves the day. I like that this book depicts a brave little girl who isn't afraid to get muddy and be herself, despite teasing from the other princesses and that she wins everyone over with her bravery, not her looks. We also loved the illustrations. Super cute! My 3 year old begged to sleep with the book! "

- Elizabeth Levin - Mother of four

" In one quick story-time, it helps remind children that they are both capable of and encouraged to be whatever they want to be, despite what societal norms may have told them. It's kind of cool how a book like this could open the floor to discussion with any picture book-loving child, without being too over their heads OR overtly preachy. "

- Steve James - Book reviewer

A Girl Named Adam!

Adam and Annie are fourth grade best friends, but when Adam changes their named to Addie and starts wearing dresses their friendship gets put to the test. This is a children's book uses the lens of friendship to look at transgender identity in a way that kids of all ages can understand!
Illustrated by C.N.J. Zing!


"I think it's beautiful! I love how it's from a slightly different perspective but still telling the same story of that emotional struggle. I think, and I hope, it may help some people that not only feel they may be trans, but people, especially young people that may have a trans loved one."
                                                                                                                   - Nyla Rose - AEW Wrestler

"This book is a great look at the trans experience for cis (aka non-trans) people. It's told from the perspective of the transgirl's friend, and I think a lot of kids can relate to the protagonist's feelings toward her friend. Everyone feels nervous when things change. Everyone has had a moment of feeling shown up, or left out, or startled into confusion. This book uses common childhood experiences as the lens for viewing gender and transition. More than being a great book about trans kids, it's a great book about being who you are and accepting others for who they are, even when we don't understand it right away."

                                                                                                                       - Owen Bondono - Teacher 

"As a trans person myself, you don't have to be trans to write about trans issues or to get a positive message across about us either. And I can tell this has been properly researched and written with care and not some cash in on a "popular trend". And frankly we need all the positive representation and exposure we can since more and more schools are banning LGBT education these days. I do highly recommend this book to kids and adults alike."

                                                                                                                                                                                                            - Shaynne - Amazon Customer

Turtle Day!

Every Friday in Noah's classroom is Turtle Day! What is Turtle Day? It is when Noah's first-grade classroom checks in on their adopted sea turtle, Lilac. You'll have fun reading this book and learning all about sea turtles along with Noah!


"Turtle Day brilliantly captures Noah's love for his rescued sea turtle, and real world issues transforming them in a way that children of all ages can feel. A must have for my classroom bookshelf and my son's collection."
                                                                         -Allison Tomecek, Early Childhood Educator & Mother

" We love this author! This is such a wonderful children’s book for all ages! It is engaging! I highly recommend you buy and read this book! When you love this book, you will want to check out his other books!"

- Charity Omartian - Mother of three

" This is a great book for kids and adults of all ages! It conveys an especially important message of the importance of conserving the earth and wildlife that everyone needs to hear. Very cute story that I will read over and over! "

- Katelyn Paval - Amazon Customer

Might-E Emilia!

Sequel to Jordan's critically acclaimed first book, Might-E!

Emilia is a fearless girl who comes face to face with her largest challenge. When her Abuelo, her grandfather, gets sick and dies, Emilia must be braver than ever and give part of his eulogy.

Illustrated by Gregory J. Zoltek


"A unique story where friendship, empathy, acceptance and love come wonderfully together. The loss of a loved one is very hard for anyone, but in this book we will learn with Emilia and Emma that, even in the saddest moments, there is room for joy."
                                                                                           - Ana Morcillo Pallarés - Mother & Professor

" Scavone is a master at his craft as he once again owns a delightful, emotional tale perfect for his intended age group. Being brave while coping with loss is such a heavy topic but he perfectly balances that message with his power of friendship layer. A great book that should be in every child’s library."

- AwaitedNightmare - Amazon Reviewer

"I bought the book for my granddaughter. Of course, I read it first. Very well done and brought tears to my eyes. Love it!!"

- Danine Hovey - Amazon Customer & Grandmother