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The Techno Mage by S.W. Raine

Posted on July 7, 2021 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (144)

The Techno Mage is S.W. Raine’s debut sci-fantasy steampunk adventure is a very unique adventure into an alternate version of our own world. A world populated by a literally upper-class (in the skies above) and a lower-class (on the grounds below) sky pirates, alchemists, military powers, and more. While I am generally not a fan of the steampunk genre Raine’s ability to weave quality storytelling with interesting characters, and a fun setting helped me get over the hurdle of a genre that isn’t my preferred reading.

A fun magic system that focuses on the idea of alchemy is easily understood while holding the complexity that makes the idea of alchemy interesting. Quality characters whose voices are easy to track, and a world that feels rich and populated are the backbones of this book. There are times when you want to hug them, ring their necks, or slap them for being idiots. While there are moments, like in any book, that did not click with me there was never a moment where I had to force myself to keep going. It was more like a TV show season with an episode or two that just is not your favorite.

Overall, this was a fun debut from an author who is only going to improve with future books. I highly recommend it to someone who loves steampunk, and even someone who may be curious about steampunk but too anxious to dive into a slightly strange subgenre. I look forward to seeing what Raine puts out next and hope to see how these characters continue to evolve.